E1149 Round Lake Drive, Waupaca, WI, Waupaca, Wisconsin, 54981





MLS: 48042-23057

0.47 Acres

1,690 SqFt

3 beds

2.0 baths

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  • Waupaca Chain O' Lakes

  • Classic Lakefront Cottage

  • Round Lake - Chain O Lakes

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Why You'll Love It

Chain O' Lakes Cottage For Sale on Round Lake in Waupaca

Nestled amidst the timeless beauty of Chain O' Lakes, the cherished Round Lake quintessential lake cottage known as the "Miniwasica Cottage" has been a family treasure for over a century, standing as a living testament to generations of joy and togetherness. Poised upon a rare, level lot that stretches to the water's edge, this cottage offers a unique opportunity to bask in the enchanting waterscape that surrounds it.

From the moment you step onto the sprawling wrap-around screen porch, the panorama that unfolds before you is nothing short of breathtaking. Dream big on the cooler nights relaxed in the sleeping quarters on the screened in porch. Gaze out over the shimmering expanse of 142 linear feet on Round Lake, where the gentle ripples of water seem to whisper stories of days gone by. Across the tranquil waters, McCrossen Lake beckons, creating a picture-perfect view that captures the essence of lakeside living.

This classic lake cottage possesses a character that tugs at the heartstrings, each room a chapter in a rich history of cherished moments. With three bedrooms that have cradled the slumber of countless loved ones, a bonus nursery, and two full baths that have witnessed laughter and relaxation, the cottage exudes a sense of timelessness that is truly irreplaceable.

Step into the kitchen and dining area, where modern convenience seamlessly melds with vintage charm. Here, culinary delights and shared meals come to life, weaving a tapestry of flavors that intertwines with the legacy of the cottage. 

The expansive living room, adorned with the features that define the classic cottage aesthetic, invites gatherings that echo with mirth and camaraderie. It's a space where stories are shared, games are played, and the simple pleasure of existence takes center stage.

What sets this cottage apart is its prized location – one of the precious few level lots that grace Round Lake. This not only guarantees ease of access to the water, but also ensures that the bond between the cottage and the lake remains unbroken for generations to come.

And should you envision crafting a new chapter in this storied location, the lot itself holds the promise of possibility. An ideal canvas for dreams to take shape, it invites the creation of a new abode where future memories will be woven into the very fabric of this cherished locale.

In the heart of Chain O' Lakes, this Round Lake quintessential lake cottage stands as a living memory keeper, preserving the magic of the past while embracing the potential of the future. Here, the beauty of tradition and the allure of progress unite, inviting you to become a part of its enduring legacy, crafting your own tales of summer bliss and lakeside serenity.

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Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: E1149 Round Lake Drive, Waupaca, WI
  • City: Waupaca
  • State: Wisconsin
  • County: Waupaca

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